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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Non-Bhai fan on Bhai and his fans.

Infy multiplex ditched Hollywood fans this weekend and I had to watch Sultan today. Still trying to remember the last Salman movie I watched in a movie hall. No luck till now. I remember I gave up on him when he started THE masala movie trend in Bollywood with Dabbang. Everyone else followed the suit and screwed up our moviegoing experience. That's a whole different topic for discussion anyway.

So what is it that appeals to Bhai fans so much? The plain story, okayish music, the timely punchlines, the familiarity with the characters?

It all seems like a PR stunt to me. He always plays these characters such as Sultan and Bajrangi, who are the opposite of what he is in real life. For all these years the only thing he is trying to do is image makeover, be it with his movies or his brand Being Human.

So why does he still have such a huge fan base? I understand the UP bhaiyyas and Bihari babus fangirling over Bhai. Because they ARE the target audience. Why on earth would he play an illiterate villager in every fucking movie otherwise! It is to connect with the mass audience. But what I don't understand is the behavior of educated and mature audience. There may be a difference of opinion here. People look at cinema in different ways. For me cinema or storytelling is an art. For others it may be just a source of entertainment. (That's why we have movies like Houseful!)

Coming back to Sultan, it has a mediocre storyline with a love story, a tragedy and then a happily-ever-after. No chemistry between so called hero & heroine. And off course, Bhai can't act or dance!

But I'm sure it'll be a huge hit and the producers will earn Crores of Rupees inspite of putting such a little effort.

After abusing girlfriends, killing innocents (animals as well as humans), misogynist comments and taking his father's help to get away with it, he is still a star in India and the joke is on all of us!

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