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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Beginning!

This is what I expected it to be, stepping up into the new year in silence, solitude and peace. I wish I could spend the whole twelve months ahead the same. The last year has taught me many things, gave me enough food for thought and made me familiar with my own self. I am glad I am actually doing what I intend to do every day in the next year – writing, yes.
The world is celebrating in its own ways. I can hear loud music outside. I wonder can peace be found amidst the noise, and solitude amidst the crowd. May be yes, may be no, I don’t know. May be contradiction works for everyone. So when we are alone we want to be with people, when surrounded by many we crave to be left alone. Tell yourself to concentrate and your mind would wander through time and space. And when you try to distract it from something, it would come back and focus on the same thing. It’s always like this, it’s always had been.
I am glad with myself that I kept the promise and wrote a few lines on the first day of 2012. Here I hope I could write more this year and find new dimensions of the skill. Wishing myself luck at that and ending this monologue. Sweet Dreams!!

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