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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Destiny's child.

Sometimes you just wonder if things were meant to be. It's like something is guiding you and leading you somewhere. As I experienced it a day before yesterday. I was headed to see my dentist, in hurry, and consequences changed my path and I ended up in supermarket, doing my best leisure time activity - shopping!

Don't ask me how. Well, I'll tell you what exactly happened and how I got a dose of 'Panouti' that day. As I was already late for my appointment with my dentist, and it was raining since morning (continuously, like someone had kept open the taps in the sky) and I was totally not in a mood to step out in my rainy boots. Still, I had to make up my mind and recite over and over again, how the pain is gonna worsen if I don't see a doctor then. So finally I was ready for this herculean task of getting out on a rainy day, rather evening. There was no question of going there by scooty so I started to walk to the nearest bus stop with open umbrella in my hand. After waiting for around 20 long minutes, I saw a bus coming my way. As I ran and tried to climb in through the front door, this S.O.B. driver of the bus shouted at me, telling me to get down by some weird hand gestures (clever I understood it!)

What could I do then, I had to, yes, I had to get down. And as I moved to back door to step in, the bus was already in motion. I fought back an urge to abuse loudly (@#%&*#).

So I had no option other than waiting for the next bus to come. I waited and waited and after what it seemed like ages, came another bus. Till then the crowd was huge at the stop. As the bus scritched to halt, 'janata' ran to get inside, me being one of them & succeeding to do so. Somehow I managed to move forward and stand properly as there were no vacant seats. I was just adjusting my position leaning on one of the poles and the bus hardly had moved a few inches that the driver shouted 'bus band pad gayi'. WTF!!! Conductor asked all of us to evacuate the bus and I was, one more time, standing at the same bus stop.

Realising that I had already wasted an hour standing there, I decided to waste some more, after reading a sign on the building just across the street. A newly constructed, inaugerated a few days back, it was a mall. Wow! I dont recall exactly what happened, apart from the 'akashwani' ringing in my head. 'Move ahead child, this is your destiny' might have been - 'destination', already told you, bad at recaling!

So there I was, with a big grin on my face ( & credit cards in my wallet, hopefully), headed to pure pleasure of the experience called (window) shopping!!


  1. I just love the way you portray your thoughts.. atta girl..keep going..

  2. I would have gone to the mall at much less encouragement! You have a strong mind :)

  3. Gr8 Richa.... After all shopping is the best time pass :D