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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Raksha Bandhan.

Nice concept it is. Sister ties rakhi on brother's hand and brother in turn promises to take care of her, to protect her.  Whatever the reasons may be in the past when this tradition started, it's basically a good reason for a get together in today's busy life. Like today I invited my cousins over my place and we cooked food and had lunch together. It was fun. Because of the reason 'rakhi' we basically had a good time. After so long I've laughed so hard. The childhood stories and memories flooded back and we were on a flashback ride.
      I remember as a kid I always looked forward to festiwals like these. Diwali used to be my favourite as it braught the aroma of delicasies and school would be closed for at least two weeks. Cherry on the top would be family get together with my uncle, aunts, grandparents and cousins. Now the first question that our mind raises thinking of diwali is 'booked tickets?' Now it's about managing leaves, struggling to get the reservations done. When half the time is spent in travelling still the joy-filled heart of a kid is there awaiting the warm welcomes and the same family re-unions.
       So rakhi has gone. The next thing is Ganesh chaturthi. Then Dashra and Diwali. Lets wait for it. This is just a beginning.

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