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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just to start.

Hello guys. Here I am, on the blogger, finally. Well, haven't thought of any subject or a particular topic yet. I'll just start with something random. Like there's this girl sitting in the company bus on a seat next to mine. Want to jot down that she has a voice exactly like our Piggychops. She's blabbering something in english and sounds exactly like PC. With ' course..'. Mind you, I am jealous. And now I look at her and she's a chink with long straight hair. Wow! Some people are lucky to have a husky, sexy voice. Rest have to work on other things. From voices and texture of the same, I remember Shreya Ghoshal from X factor. She's like a miracle. Even when she's speaking it sounds like she's singing. Some people are blessed. Thats it. Enough voice talk now. Need to get down. My stop has come. See you.

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